Why Belle Chasse is Eco-friendly

Companies producing eco-friendly products must be concerned about carbon dioxide reduction through the whole process from field to consumer. Growing grain, fermentation, and distillation require about the same amount of energy regardless of the vodka brand. Interestingly, the energy used by pot stills for craft brands is more than that used by the Belle Chasse multi-plate distillation columns. Premium quality brands generally use multi-plate distillation columns.

However, Belle chasse stands alone in the premium vodka class with our lightweight bottle

Our Vodka is equal to the best of the premium brands in the market, but we go a step further to help reduce global warming.  The typical premium vodka bottle weighs between 750 and 800 grams.  A Belle Chasse bottle weighs about 375 grams or half the weight of the other brands.

From sand to finished bottle, considering recycle, production of glass bottles generates 1.25 grams of carbon dioxide per gram of glass. (1) Each bottle of Belle Chasse or Chasseuse reduces carbon emissions by about 500 grams compared to other premium vodkas.

The sales of one well known super premium vodka are 2.1 million cases per year.  Our in-store head-to-head tests show that Belle Chasse has the same taste quality. However, it generates much less carbon dioxide.  In fact, if this amount of vodka sales were converted Belle Chasse, Carbon Dioxide emissions would be reduced by about 14,000 tons per year. This is only from the glass manufacturing part of the business.  Additional energy is required to haul the heavier glass bottles to retailers.


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